Le Foie Gras - Exceptionnel à chaque fois !
Published on 17 September 2014

Les navettes ou pain au lait au Foie Gras - Ph.Asset-Cifog-AdocomNavettes or milk rolls with Foie Gras

Ingredients: Foie Gras - Navettes or milk rolls - Fleur de sel - Red berries

Preparation: Slice the navettes in two and toast.  Put thick slices of Foie Gras, the fleur de sel and a few crushed berries on top.


Les bouchées au Foie Gras et mousse d'asperges - Ph.Asset-Cifog-AdocomMorsels with Foie Gras and asparagus mousse

Ingredients: Foie Gras - 1 bunch of green asparagus - 50 g of fromage frais - 1 tablespoon of finely chopped chervil – Mini-morsels for garnishing - Fleur de sel - Ground pepper

Preparation: Cook the asparagus for 15 min. in a large pot of salted boiling water. Strain completely in a towel and allow to cool. Mix with the chervil and fromage frais. Fill the mini-morsels with asparagus mousse, add a Foie Gras shaving, add salt and ground pepper.


Les brochette de Foie Gras aux fraises - Ph.Asset-Cifog-AdocomFoie Gras kebabs with strawberries

Ingredients: Foie Gras - Strawberries - Lemon balm or verbena leaves

Preparation: Shape the Foie Gras into small balls using a melon spoon.  Cut the strawberries in two. Remove the lemon balm leaves. Thread the ingredients on the mini-kebab sticks, alternating them.  Add salt and ground pepper.


Les macarons au coeur de Foie Gras - Ph.Asset-Cifog-Adocom Macaroons with Foie Gras hearts

Ingredients: Foie Gras - Red berry macaroons - Tea macaroons (or other to taste) - Fleur de sel - Ground pepper

Preparation: Carefully separate the macaroon shells. Cut the Foie Gras into even slices with a cookie cutter. Carefully put a slice of Foie Gras on the lower shell, add salt, pepper and put the other half on top.


Les brochettes de Foie Gras et chutney de mangue - Ph.Asset-Cifog-AdocomFoie Gras and mango chutney kebabs

Ingredients: Foie Gras - 1 large ripe mango - 10 cl of cider vinegar - 150 g brown sugar - 1 chopped garlic clove - 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger - 1 tablespoon of honey - 3 drops of Tabasco - Salt - Ground pepper

Preparation: Peel and cut the mango into small pieces; add to the pot. Add the vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger and pepper.  Add salt and pepper and cook over very low heat for 30 min., stirring often.  Add the honey and allow to cool.  Serve the chutney in small cups and put the Foie Gras on the side.


Les barquettes de jeune fenouil au Foie Gras - Ph.Asset-Cifog-AdocomFoie Gras and young fennel boats

Ingredients: Foie Gras - 1 fennel bulb - Fleur de sel - Cracked pepper

Preparation: Carefully wash the fennel and trim to make small boats.  Put thin slices of Foie Gras on top, add salt and ground pepper.