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General Data Protection Regulation

This section of the website is dedicated to the protection of personal data in accordance with general data protection regulation (GDPR), applicable from 25 May 2018. ADOCOM-RP (11 rue du Chemin Vert 75011 PARIS), operates for and on behalf of CIFOG, 7 rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière 75009 Paris FRANCE.

For any questions regarding personal data protection for this site, please contact us by emailing rgpd@adocom.fr (providing the domain name of the website)


Protection of personal data collected by this site


  • Which information is being collected and why?
  • For how long?
  • How is your data being protected on this site?
  • Do you wish to access, modify, recover or delete your data?


Which information is being collected and why?

The information that you enter into forms:

When you use a “contact us” form, you send the information included in the form (first name, surname or pseudonym, email address and content) to the site editor.

Cookies are required for good site performance:

This website uses cookies (small files used on computers, mobiles, tablets) to safeguard settings or preserve information (for example when you click on "remember me" a cookie is placed on your computer (mobile or tablet) and you no longer need to enter the same information next time you visit the site.
Even management of your personal data protection (GDPR choices, cookie preferences, etc) requires a cookie to memorise your choices and make your next visit easier.

Audience statistics :

This website uses Matomo solution for the analysis of visits. Matomo is an open-source solution for audience and website visit statistics, and is part of the tools recommended by the CNIL (as long as it is well set). We have set it up so that it does not leave cookies, and does not save any personal data.

Social media cookies:

This site utilises information from social media.  This information (Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photographs, etc) are shown on pages and articles in this website.
The social media whose information we publish on this site could identify and collect usage information, especially if you have used one or more of their services.  You can consult social media data protection policies on each of their sites in order to fully understand the information which is collected, as well as current use of the information.


Manage cookies


 For how long?

The information you input into forms:

« Contact us »: If you have sent an email using a contact us form, it is not saved on the site.  It is sent directly to the site editor, who saves it along with all other emails in the inbox awaiting reply, either upon receipt or later.

Performance cookies :

Usage cookies (technical) last for a maximum of 13 months.
Management of GDPR options/cookies: maximum cookie duration of 13 months is used to save your GDPR choices and to allow you to change them.

Social media cookies:

Social Media Cookies and other identification methods: we invite you to consult the personal data protection policy for each of the social media on their websites to find out how long each one saves information collected. 


How is your data being protected on this site?  

Currently this site does not allow for the collection of personal data.  Various processes are used to protect the integrity of data:

The dedicated server is host managed by Celenet alongside other accounts and state departments.  
The site undergoes regular external safeguarding.

Important: Best efforts are made to protect this site, however, security cannot be guaranteed.


Do you wish to acces, modifiy, recover or delete your data?

The following rights are respected:

  • Information rights
  • Modification rights
  • Portability of data
  • The right to be removed

Any requests are dealt with as quickly as possible (less than a month).

Please note that currently this site does not allow for the collection of personal data

Please contact us by emailing rgpd@adocom.fr (stating the domaine name of the site)

It should be noted that the site’s data protection could require verification of identification of the person making a request.


Version 2.0 OF GDPR (2021), this information is:

Specific and only concerns this site.
Susceptible to change.