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Discover six easy Foie Gras hors d'œuvre recipes

Six hors d'oeuvre recipes you can eat with your fingers with cocktails and aperitifs. Learn more

Six hors d'oeuvre recipes you can eat with your fingers with...
Foie Gras, a symbol of French gastronomy

Acknowledged as part of France’s cultural and culinary heritage, Foie Gras is one of its cuisine’s most representative dishes. Learn more

Acknowledged as part of France’s cultural and culinary her...


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Discover the secrets of an ancestral culinary heritage

From its origins to our plates, Foie Gras has always been a treat for everyone.

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Foie Gras

A symbol of exceptional regions and tradition

Discover the amazing story of Foie Gras in France, its origins, different appellations and types...

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Foie gras, a leading French gourmet product

Discover the passion and skill of Chefs and meet the producers in their farms and at the Foie Gras fairs.

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Foie Gras and young fennel boats
Carefully wash the fennel and trim to make small boats.  Put thin slices of Foie Gras on top, add salt and ground pepper. ...
30 min.
Foie Gras and mango chutney kebabs
Peel and cut the mango into small pieces; add to the pot. Add the vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger and pepper.  Add salt and pepper and cook over very low heat for 30 min., stirring often.  Ad...
30 min.
Macaroons with Foie Gras hearts
Carefully separate the macaroon shells. Cut the Foie Gras into even slices with a cookie cutter. Carefully put a slice of Foie Gras on the lower shell, add salt, pepper and put the other half on top. ...
30 min.
Foie Gras kebabs with strawberries
Shape the Foie Gras into small balls using a melon spoon.  Cut the strawberries in two. Remove the lemon balm leaves. Thread the ingredients on the mini-kebab sticks, alternating them.  Add ...
30 min.
Morsels with Foie Gras and asparagus mousse
Cook the asparagus for 15 min. in a large pot of salted boiling water. Strain completely in a towel and allow to cool. Mix with the chervil and fromage frais. Fill the mini-morsels with asparagus mous...
30 min.