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Le Foie Gras, symbole de la haute gastronomie fran├žaise

Reconnu patrimoine culturel et gastronomique, le Foie Gras est le mets d'excellence de la cuisine fran├žaise. Learn more

Reconnu patrimoine culturel et gastronomique, le Foie Gras e...


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Discover the secrets of an ancestral culinary heritage

From its origins to our plates, Foie Gras has always been a treat for everyone.

Foie Gras

A symbol of exceptional regions and tradition

Discover the amazing story of Foie Gras in France, its origins, different appellations and types...

Discover its history

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Follow a few simple rules to preserve the taste and delicacy of your foie gras.

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Foie gras, a leading French gourmet product

Discover the passion and skill of Chefs and meet the producers in their farms and at the Foie Gras fairs.

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Latest recipes
Simple, tasty, refined.
Autumn fruit tartines with pan-fried and ready-to-eat Foie Gras
The fresh figs cut in half (or other autumn fruits) spread with chutney become the tartines.  To some add slices of ready-to-eat Foie Gras, others slices of smoked duck breast, and others pan-fri...
20 min.
Brioche nests with Foie Gras
Cut the little brioches into flowers about ¾ of the way up the brioche (see photo).  Rince and drain the asparagus tips.  Lightly peel the mini courgettes leaving some of the deep gr...
25 min.
Mini fig and hazelnut bread tartines with Foie Gras and roasted figs
Cut the bread into slices about 4 – 5 cm thick. Cook the fresh figs whole in a little butter for a few minutes, turning from time to time (if using apples, peel and cut into large rings and coo...
15 min.
Le Foie Gras with christophine, mango and passion fruit salad
Cut the passion fruit in half and remove the juice and flesh. Make a vinaigrette by mixing together the oil and the passion fruit.  Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Peel and fi...
10 min.
Pan fried Foie gras on soft golden brioche with caramelized fruits
Peel and core the apples and cut into thick slices.  Cook in boiling water for approximately 8 minutes.  Drain. Cut the Foie Gras into thick slices and cover each with a thin coating of flo...
25 min.